Beetle: symbol of reliability


The decision to launch the Volkswagen Golf released into the unknown and uncharted terrain. Pushed him but time. Declining numbers sold beetles, although almost to the point of perfection technically possible, but compared to the competition still outdated, did not give much room for long procrastination with the new model. Attempts to revive sales in the form of a few successful types K411 and K70 critical condition only deepen and VW got into the red. Almost nail in the coffin became the oil crisis, which erupted in 1973 and for which he witnesses mentioned in particular that brought prohibit the use of a car during weekends or certain specified days of the week. Even something nyvyše complained start Golf in people’s veins Voklswagen still in the form of beetles and all that came from the workshop of VW was compared to him. When the Beetle began to produce Heinrich Nordhoff, the first director of Wolfsburg’s race, it was expressed that the car has so many errors and shortcomings as a stray dog fleas. Over time, their designers odstárníli usatavičnými small or larger tweaking, optimizing production with the Service stieťou kozekventne being built gradually Flea insurmountable symbol of cheap and reliable car. The more difficult it was for his successor, who had to step out of his shadow.

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