Golf one – timeless shape of body

After difficulty and failure with the concept EA266 main fetched another course. Golf attributed concept whose success in the market have had time to check other producers – for example, with its model Fiat 127. This gave the car birthright arrangement across the front of the drive unit with front-wheel drive. Design commissioned by then only thirty-Giorgio Giugiaro, whose star had fully shine later. This option despite several concerns proved to be very happy. Whooping spirited Italians succeeded in their studies Ital Design to create a timeless shape of the bodywork, which after slight modifications were also made to the series. Large glazed surface, wedge sloping bonnet, sharply clipped the front face with a pair okrúhlich headlamps, large dump third dvere- were all elements that create long characteristic image of the first generation Golf. When marketing was available only in three-door and five-door with two spark-ignition engines 1.1 La 1.5 liters. Track width and wheelbase while its creators chosen so as to easily fit on jacks, which in a wide service network remained after beetle.

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